What to Expect from Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles

  • March 2nd, 2017
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Overview of the Services of Mobile App Developers in Los Angeles

The services offered by mobile app developers in Los Angeles are not different from those offered by their counterparts in other states or in other parts of the world. App development is not a regulated business and the makers of iOS and Android have not implemented restrictions based on region or location.

The Services Offered

The most common mobile app development services offered at present are those for iPhones (and other iOS devices) and Android devices. So far, these are the two most popular mobile operating systems that have created a demand for the service. Those who are looking for custom Windows Phone apps are rather rare. The types or categories of apps being requested for development vary, from health to finance, productivity, communication, and entertainment. There are those who request for productivity apps, mobile messaging, news and information aggregators, as well as games and entertainment-related applications. Virtually any kind of app can be created based on what features and functions a customer specifies, provided that the operating system supports the features specified.

The services are not limited to smartphones. Custom apps may also be created for smart watches, tablets, and Internet of Things devices.

The Process

Basically, if you want to have an app created, you just have to contact the mobile application developer. You will be asked for the features, functions, and other specifications you want in your app. Some companies adopt a systematized process wherein they assign a customer representative orient you with the process before you proceed to talking with the developer. After you and the developer have agreed on what you will expect from the completed app, you then have to wait for the developer to proceed with the actual app development process. Waiting time make take days or weeks. Once the app is ready, you can then claim it. You can claim it as a file in a flash drive or the app can be sent to you online.

The following workflow is usually used by mobile app development companies.

  1. Setting the Parameters or Defining the Scope – This is when the specifics of the application development are discussed. An app roadmap is established. The customer and app developers are required to be involved in this step.
  2. Discussing App Design – Once the scope or parameters are defined, the logical next step is to discuss the app’s design. Here, the intended user experience is drawn out. Decisions on the design, layout, colors, and graphics used are made in this step.
  3. Actual App Development – This is waiting time for the customer.
  4. Testing and Debugging – Again, this is waiting time for the customer. This is a step done by the developers to ensure that the app works as intended and is free of bugs or defects.
  5. Launch – This means that the app is ready. You can get your apk (Android) or ipa (iOS) file which serves as your installer. You can also coordinate with the company to have the app submitted to iTunes or the Google Play Store.

There’s no reason why you can’t have an app you can call your own. You can either learn how to code or simply contact a mobile app developer to do it for you. You know which option is easier.

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